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P氏の気が向けば、また聴く事が出来るのでしょうか? 気長に待ってみましょうw



"Mixxed bizness (スープの回)"
2014.1.13 O.A

1. Jingle(24 hour party people)
2. Across 110th Street / Bobby womack
3. Celebrate / Common
4. Renaissance(Extended ver.)/PUNPEE
5. I just wanna U (unplugged) / Jay-z ft.Pharrell
6. Would'nt get far /The game ft. Kanye west
7. Holiday /BCDMG ft.SMITH CN & PUNPEE
8. NY Shit(BL RMX)/Busta rhymes ft.Swizzy
9. English man in NY / Sting
10. Tricka Technology /A Skills &KRUFT CUTS
11. マウンテン•マウンテン(Unofficial remix ft.PUNPEE)/cero
12. The Long goodbye(Remix)/Gotch ft.PUNPEE
13. Jaded /Aerosmith
14. Abyss/VaVa
15. Little green bag(雑談込)/The George Baker Selection
16. valerie  / Mark ronson ft amy winehouse
17. You Can't Hurry Love  (readymade re-edit)/ The supremes
18. 鳥山Skit
19. Champion(Ararecham-pion edit)/Kid fresino
20. 寝れない(Submerse Remix)/PSG
21. 愛してます(Sunshine mush up)/PSG
22. battle creek brawl (jukin for jamaica)/Satanicpornocultshop
23. Bad habit(Oh boy edit)/PUNPEE
24. Addict / DJ MAYAKU (LEF!!! CREW!!!)
25. bound2/Kanye west
26. The Come Up, Pt. 2/Jonwayne
27. Hoodwork /仙人掌&CRZKNY
28. Evolution×Invisibu Boogie!(Mush up)/PUNPEE
29. Get yours(sick sick)/PUNPEE
30. zero gravity/zero gravity
31. moonstah(Instrumental)/Killahbeen
32. 隣人13号(Instrumental)/K-bomb&PUNPEE
33. ???
34. SKit
35. 緩/5lack


2012.5.14 O.A

M01. Ball - Hazu
M02. Intro - PUNPEE
M03. リーグ オブ レジェンド - スチャダラパー feat. DEV LARGE, CQ from BUDDHA BRAND
M04. Sword Heads Feat. Jeru The Damaja & Nipps - 刃頭
M05. ICE CUBE - キエるマキュウ
M06. beat on tactics feat gore tex - Lunch Time Speax Feat Gore Tex Beat On Tactics
M07. black list - Gore Tex feat. Nitro Microphone Underground
M08. Mirror Ball 2004 - Gore-Tex feat.Microphone Pager
M09. God Bird - Nipps Feat.Kb
M10. BBQ style - Think Tank
M11. Tripple Six - Olive Oil feat. Kb & Freez
M12. black tar - B.D & Nipps
M13. Here we go - Mikris
M14. LoL - ABC
M15. 103Lab - Monju
M16. 不定職者(16 flip remix) - Seeda
M17. またまた不定職者 -  Rau def
M18. Fact - BES,仙人掌/SEEDA&DJ ISSO
M19. One Night - I-DeA feat.SWANKY SWIPE
M20. BAD & GOOD FT. 仙人拳(12" VER INST) - Norikiyo
M21. コノハナシ - SD-Junksta
M22. まちぼうけのネタ - Unknown
M23. ヒマのつぶし方(remix) - WAX feat. S.L.A.C.K and PUNPEE
M24. おはなし - Unknown
M25. コンピュータ - Watter feat. PUNPEE
M26. Rules - GRAPPER & S.L.A.C.K
M27. CHRONO TRIGGER(extended mix) - PUNPEE
M28. Lyrical Terrorists (Monorisick Remix) - Substantial & L Universe
M29. So - El Da Sensei
M30. Great Expectations - Talib Kweli (prod by . DJ Celory)
M31. If I Was Your Mic (DJ kiyo remix) - Substantial
M32. ヒマの過ごし方 (Remixed by Buck Wild) - スチャダラパー
M33. あの集合地 - 四街道NATURE
M34. Snow man - Luv And Soul feat. Rip Slyme
M35. Sure Shot - Rip Slyme Feat. Mellow Yellow
M36. Sure Shot (Mash up) - Beastie Boys
M37. バカが戦車でやってくる - 脱線3
M38. ショウゲキ - シキブ
M39. dayo根/根
M40. 思考遊戯 - The SALACIOUS SAL
M41. No Love (MC5 ver.) - DOBERMAN INC
M42. Where's my hood at ? - TOKONA-X feat.MACCHO
M43. Muddy Water - OZROSAURUS
M44. 踊狂 (Mash up) - SICK TEAM
M45. Big City - Ishihara Satoshi
M46. リセット - カルデラビスタ
M47. Octpull- Zag System feat Ken 390, Taro Soul, 降神
M48. go-around - Black Kid feat. Diabro
M49. 4800日後 - Meteor
M50. skit - Unknown
M51. Sweet Memories - T.A.K THE RHHHYME
M52. 車窓から - Chaos On Parade
M53. 夜行列車 (T2K MIX) - TWIGY feat. BOY-KEN
M54. ブロウヤマインド - KOJI1200
M55. くすりをたくさん - 大貫妙子
M57. ロマンティックあげるよ - 橋本潮
M58. 日本がアブナイ! - 胡桃沢ひろ子


"P's Youthful Alterna set"
2012.4.10 O.A
M01. Creep with Scala - Radio Head
M02. Rocks - Primal Scream
M03. Blur - Song2
M04. 1979 - The Smashing Pumpkins
M05. Debaser - Pixies
M06. Blue Monday - New Order
M07. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
M08. She's Lost Controll - Joy Division
M09. Devil's Haircut (Noel Galage Remix) - Beck
M10. Mixed Business (Cornelius Remix) - Beck
M11. Let Forever - Chemical Brothers
M12. Tommorow Never Knows - The Beatles
M13. 野田総理Skit - Unknown
M14. Girl (Mush Up) - The Beatles
M15. Sympathy for The Devil (The Neptunes Remix) - Rolling Stones
M16. She Wants To Move - N.E.R.D
M17. Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
M18. Cannon Ball - Breeders
M19. Veni Vidi Vici - Black Lips
M20. Human Behaivor (Inst) - Bjork
M21. Processed - Kasabian
M22. Butterfly (Inst) - Crazy Town
M23. Beats & Rhyme (Mush Up) - Maccho, Norikiyo, 般若, DABO
M24. Pretty Little Ditty - Red Hot Chill Peppers
M25. The Distance - Cake
M26. I Love You Mary Jane - Sonic Youth & Cypress Hill
M27. Gas Panic! - Oasis
M28. Play Ground - Air
M29. Across the Universe - Fiona Apple
M30. Fallin' - Teenage Funclub & De La Soul


"P's Sweeet effect set (easy)"
2012.3.13 O.A
M01. Natural High - Bloodstone
M02. Make A Little Love To Me - Isaac Hayes
M03. If you change your mind - Love committee
M04. All I Do is Think of You - The Jackson 5
M05. Those Were The Best Days Of My Life - The Modulations
M06. I Won't Last A Day Without You - Diana Ross
M07. Let Me Be The One - Anne Murray
M08. Sly Slick & Wicked - Sho Nuff
M09. You Can't Stop My Love - Norman Feels
M10. Unknown - Unknown
M11. La-La Means I Love You - The Delfonics
M13. 離脱 - PUNPEE fea. GAP
M14. sin son - S.L.A.c.k feat K.cals
M15. Footsteps in the Dark - The Isley Brothers
M16. Unbreakable - Alicia Keys
M17. I love gettin stoned - caughee brothaz
M18. Gotta Be Me - Devin the Dude
M19. Xxplosive - Dr. Dre
M20. Yo Quiero Fumar Mota - Cypress Hill
M21. カフェインの女王 feat. 曽我部恵一 - Tsutchie
M22. Fly me to the moon - Hikaru Utada
M23. Butterflies - Floetry
M24. Got 'till It's Gone - Janet Jackson
M25. Flowers - Dudley Perkins
M26. Son a Joyride - Cody Chesnutt
M28. Half Crazy - Musiq
M29. Untitled - D'ANGELO
M30. Heaven - metro zu
"P loves Snare like passed ASR10 set"
2012.2.14 O.A
M01. Craimin Respect - Boulevard Connection
M02. Watch How It go down - Termonology feat. Lil Fame,Papose
M03. Youth Explosion - People Under The Stairs
M04. Who's that? - Haall Of Justus
M05. I feel Like King - Alivegas
M06. Stillmatic - Nas
M07. Dream Sky - Rau Def
M08. Apollo Kids - Ghost face
M09. Petes Jazz - Pete Rock
M10. Tru Masta - Pete Rock feat. Inspecta Deck kurupt
M11. Red - Jaylib
M12. P&D Sound Crash - Afu-Ra
M13. Mr Brown - Style Of Beyond
M14. Chains - Killa Prist feat. Masta Killa rugged Man
M15. PSG 現る - PSG×Lil Kim
M16. Duck Season - DJ Babu
M17. Worst Comes Worst - Dilated Peoples
M18. Hustle on - Evidence
M19. You - Evidence
M20. It's All Real Real - Pitch Black
M21. Boom - Royce Da 5.9
M22. Hip Hop - Royce Da 5.9
M23. Platinum Plus - Big L feat Kahe
M24. Full Crip - Gang Starr
M25. Ownerz - GangStarr
M26. Unfuckwitable - Lady Of Rage
M27. N'together now - Limp Bizkit
M28. Above The Cloud - Gang Starr
M29. NY.State Of Mind 2 - Nas
M30. God Father - Theme
M31. Suicide Bounce - Squash Squad
M32. お話&Simi Lab - ???
M33. Freestyle - SIMI LAB
M34. Show Off - Simi Lab×Pharoah
M35. Godzzila VS P-Zzila - PUNPEE
M36. Protect Ya Neck(Jump Of) - Wu-Tang Clan
M37. Daytona 500 - Ghost Face feat. Raekwon
M38. Mighty Deadly - Ghost Face
M39. Rock Da Beat - Edo-G
M40. My Life - Kool G rap feat. CNN
M41. Da Glind - Masta Ace
M42. いいんじゃない - PSG
M43. Time The Donuts Of The Heart - J-Dilla


"P's Happy Greeting set"
2012.1.10 O.A
M01. Find Away - A Tribe Called Quest
M02. Kiss Of Life - Sade
M03. Justify My Love - Madonna
M04. Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat) - Digable Planets
M05. Super Star - Group Home
M06. Funqui Beat - Andrew J & Kaltenecker
M07. Take Me To Mardi Gras - Bob James
M08. Friend & Stranger - Ronnie Laws
M09. ??? - ???
M10. Rock It(Drum)-a little of Spice - Loose Ends
M11. Fantasy - Maynard Ferguson
M12. 甲子園 - ランナーズ
M13. トーキョーメロディー - シューディー
M14. Jojo - Boz Scaggs
M15. ??? - ???
M16. Carry On - Bobby Caldwell
M17. No One Gonna Love You - S.O.S Band
M18. Peso - ASAP Rocky
M19. Peso(あとのりPeso) - PUNPEE
M20. Two Hours - Era
M21. Soul - Ishihara Satoshi
M22. Lost Dope - Big Joe
M23. にじむ残像 - Boris
M24. Bunks Marmalade - Swanky Swipe
2011.12.27 O.A
M01. Popstar - PUNPEE
M02. Genius Of Love - Tom Tom Club
M03. Message - Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5
M04. Any Love - Massive Attack
M05. PUNPEE ft. Issugi & Gapper - Crono Trigger
M06. Biz Markie - Nobody Beats The Biz
M07. Why Even Try - Theophilus London
M08. Hell Yes - Beck
M09. Where Is At - Beck
M10. Loser - Beck
M11. I Love College - Asher Roth
M12. What Its Like - Everlast
M13. Kid Rock - Cowboy
M14. Country Mics Theme - Beastie Boys
M15. Single Lady - Beyonce
M16. Swing Set - Jurassic 5
M17. Mr. Blue Sky - Mayer Hawthorne
M18. 水星 - tofubeats feat. オノマトペ大臣
M19. FULL MOON - Brandy
M20. Forthenight - MusiQ Soulchild
M21. Steppin Out - Big Gipp ft. Sleepy Brown
M22. alright - Jamiroquai
M23. Empire Ants - Gorillaz ft. Little Dragon
M24. I Believe - Simian Mobile Disco
M25. ??? - ???
M26. One On One - Issugi
M27. Local Distance - 田中仮雄 feat. D.K.X.O and PUNPEE